Organic Pigments

Trailblazers of Innovation

At Choksi Exports, we take great pride in being a premier supplier of high-quality pigment. With a heritage of excellence spanning numerous years, we have positioned ourselves as a dependable and forward-thinking provider of an extensive array of pigments for diverse industries.

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    In the realm of printing inks, the utmost importance lies in the intensity and uniformity of color. Choksi Exports presents an extensive variety of pigments tailored to this precise requirement.

  • paint & coatings

    Choksi Exports is deeply proud to present a diverse array of pigments, meticulously chosen to infuse plastics with vibrant hues and vitality.

  • plastic

    We take great pride in standing as a premier supplier of high-quality pigments for the global plastic industry. Our exceptional range of plastic pigments sets a new standard of excellence.

  • Textile printing

    Choksi Exports proudly presents an exquisite collection of pigments, meticulously crafted to redefine the landscape of textile printing.


At Choksi Exports, we hold the belief that protecting the environment is more than just a duty – it is a fundamental aspect of our core values. As a prominent provider of top-tier pigment, we are fully dedicated to upholding environmental guardianship and strive to forge a future that is both enduring and sustainable.

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Our Presence

Coloring the world with Pigments

Choksi Exports holds a sense of pride in its worldwide existence, extending its services to clients and industries across every corner of the globe. Spanning from the opulent traditions of Asia to the innovative landscapes of Europe and the diverse cultures of Africa, our premium pigment powders bring forth brilliance and vibrancy, enhancing various applications.

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • North / South America

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